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For gourmet meats online that are top of the line and taste amazing, look no further than RJ Meats. We carry countless award-winning meats that are sure to make your mouth water and please friends and family alike. From beef ground meats to seasoned lamb patties, we have every type of meat you can imagine. Whether you’re planning your next family reunion or getting ready for your favorite holiday meal, our selection of wholesale meats is sure to have what you need.

The RJ Meats family has years of experience in providing a wholesome selection of meats, and we know the joy that having a large gathering around the table can bring. Make your next meal one to remember with choice cuts from us. Feel free to reach out to us to tell us how our meats taste, or simply just to talk! We can be reached by phone at 715-386-9291. Come by our store today and check out our quality cuts firsthand. Here you will find just some of the products we sell in our store. Some of these items are available for you to order online and pick up in our store, they will not be shipped.
Please allow 24 hours from time of order to time of pickup.