The centerpiece of the table is a critical part of the cuisine – and is so simple to prepare. But you don’t want to get just any turkey for the occasion. Make the day even more special with a Ferndale Fresh Turkey from RJ’s Meats. We are proud to offer Ferndale fresh, free range antibiotic free turkeys.

Are Ferndale turkeys brined?

No, Ferndale turkeys are naturally-processed, meaning no basting solutions, additives, or fillers are used during processing. Just 100% turkey, so you don't have to worry about artificial flavors competing with your Thanksgiving turkey traditions. No additives also ensures Ferndale turkeys are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Is the plastic hock-lock oven safe?

Yes, it is safe for all home oven temperatures (but you should remove it if you plan to deep-fry your turkey). It is great for holding the legs against the body while the turkey cooks.

Do Ferndale turkeys come with giblets?

Of course! (Mom's stuffing wouldn't be the same without them!) The neck cavity holds a neck and a bag of giblets containing a heart, liver, and gizzard.

"Help! it feels like my fresh turkey is frozen..." Not to worry! Because we store our fresh turkeys at 30-32°F this temperature is so close to freezing, an ice shell may form on the outside of your turkey. Rest assured, our fresh turkeys have never been frozen. If you press down on the breast, you will feel the soft meat underneath. Just a couple hours in your home fridge, and the light shell will disappear.

Reserve your Ferndale Fresh Thanksgiving turkey by completing and submitting the form below, no deposit required. 

Reserve yours early as our supply is limited! 

We do not ship or deliver fresh turkeys.

All fresh turkeys must be picked up at RJ's Meats 1101 Coulee Rd Hudson WI

Reservations not picked up within 24 hours of requested date & time will be cancelled.

Sunday November 11, 8pm central is the last day to order online. 

Starting Monday November 12 all orders must be placed in store

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:

Sunday Nov 18 11am-3pm

Monday Nov 19 -Wednesday Nov 21 7am-7pm

Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day CLOSED

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