Black Angus Beef

Our roasts are all USDA Choice or USDA Prime Black Angus. We have chosen Black Angus beef for its fine texture and desired marbling. Each roast is hand selected, trimmed, tied & seasoned (if you so desire) so it is ready for you to place directly in the oven or on the grill.

Serving suggestions:

Boneless rib roast 3/4 pound per adult

Bone in rib roast 1 pound per adult

Here are a few of our most popular beef roast offerings:

USDA Choice bone in (standing) Rib Roast 

USDA Choice Boneless (rolled) Rib Roast 

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Berkshire Pork

At the county seat of Berks in England in the 17th-century, Oliver Cromwell’s army made their winter quarters and discovered a swine larger than any other. After the war, soldiers went home and told of the newfound swine with superior bacon. The nobility soon found favor with the breed and a large herd of Berkshire could be found at the grounds of Windsor Castle. Given to the Japanese in the 19th-century, the breed was called “Kurobuta” or “black hog” and has since rivaled the status of Kobe Beef. The first reported Berkshire in the United States occurred in 1823. Heritage pork breeds, including Berkshire Pork, have rekindled an artisanal desire within consumers for their supreme quality and taste and continue to be raised throughout the world

Our all-natural Berkshire pork is raised humanely on family farms. The animals are never ever given antibiotics, hormones, growth promotants, or animal by-products. Our pork is always vegetarian fed

Boneless Pork Roast - cut any size 2 pounds to 7 pounds

Bone in Center Cut Pork Roast - cut any size 3 pounds to 8 pounds

Pork Crown Roast average size 7-9 pounds 

Berkshire Hams

Hand trimmed and individually cured with our award winning maple sugar cure over several days before we smoke them using traditional beechwood.

Old Fashioned maple sugar cured ham

Whole - 16/18 pounds

Halves - 8/9 pounds

Double Smoked (receives and additional several hours cold smoke)

Whole average 16 pounds

Halves average 8/9 pounds

Spiral Sliced & Honey Glazed

Whole average 16 pounds

Halves average 8 pounds

Please call for availability of hams

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