RJ’s Easy Parties

6 lbs BBQ Pork in sauce, 5 lbs  Potato Salad, 5 lbs Smokehouse Beans, 3dz dinner rolls.                 

     Serves 25      


12 lbs BBQ Pork in sauce, 10 lbs Potato Salad, 10lbs Smokehouse Beans, 6dz dinner rolls.                 

                                   Serves 50                                  


24lb BBQ Pork in sauce, 20lb  Potato Salad, 20 lb Smokehouse Beans, 12dz dinner rolls.               

                   Serves 100                 


Easy Parties can also be ordered with the following meat options.

Sorry, no other substitutions or meats are available for the Easy Party Discount Pricing.

Only 1 type meat per Easy Party.


Shredded Pork No Sauce

Serve 25- $90, Serve 50-$180 Serve 100- $360

Shredded Beef-

Serve 25- $95, Serve 50– $190, Serve 100- $380


We do not deliver or cater on site. All prices are for product picked up at our store.

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