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Award-Winning Gourmet Summer Sausage

At RJ’s Meats, we have a selection of beef summer sausage that makes for a great addition atop your favorite cracker or paired with a savory cheese. Our summer sausage is homemade without the use of fillers or by-products and filled with amazing flavor. Choose from our beef summer sausage flavors, like red bell pepper, garlic and cranberry. We are positive that there is something in our store to match your tastes. For your convenience, we offer summer sausage online delivery so you can pick it up right at your door!

Remember to take advantage of our loyalty program – The Carnivore Club! For every $250 spent with us, you get a $5 discount that can be used in-store. This is a great offer for those looking to have their meat processed or stocking up on meat. Contact us at 715-386-9291 with any questions related to our selection or loyalty program!

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garlic summer sausage Garlic Summer Sausage

Gold Medal Garlic Summer Sausage

Price: $30.00
jalapeno and cheese summer sausage Jalapeno & Cheese Summer Sausage

Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage

Here at RJ Meats, we take pride in our commitment to expert-quality meats. That is why our jalapeno cheese sausage is always seasoned with our signature blend of premium spices and made with choice cuts of meat, fresh jalapeno peppers and top-quality cheddar cheese. With such delicious ingredients, it’s no wonder our smoked jalapeno sausage has become one of our best sellers!

We take the time to ensure all sausages meet our strict quality and taste standards by following thorough cooking procedures and by slowly smoking them. The deep smoky flavor gives our jalapeno summer sausage a rich aroma and robust flavor that pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. Whether you decide to eat the sausage alone or include it in your favorite recipes, our smoked jalapeno sausages are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Another great benefit of our summer sausages is that they all qualify for free shipping. Shop our inventory today and receive your premium jalapeno cheese summer sausage in just days!

Price: $30.00
cranberry summer sausage Cranberry Summer Sausage

Cranberry Summer Sausage

Our cranberry summer sausage makes a fresh addition to any party and goes great with a wide range of flavor profiles. Our cranberry sausage recipe has taken years to perfect, and we take great pride in delivering the most delicious sausages available. We only use the freshest meats for our summer sausages with plump cranberries sprinkled throughout. The ingredients blend together to create a medley of colors and flavors you won't be able to resist! Our Cranberry summer sausage goes great with anything, including crackers and cheeses, on sandwiches or by itself for a quick protein-packed snack.

Order summer sausage online now to enjoy the taste of our flavorful and sweet sausages expertly crafted with care. Our cranberry summer sausage makes a perfect gift or party favor and is sure to taste delicious and start plenty of conversations. Buy now to enjoy our great prices and fast shipping.

Price: $30.00
red bell pepper summer sausage Red Bell Pepper Summer Sausage

The Best in Red Pepper Sausage

Looking for something special to add some flavor to your tray of hors d’oeuvres? Or perhaps just an afternoon snack you can enjoy? Try our Red Bell Pepper Summer Sausage for a flavor you’ll love! We put the highest quality ingredients into this red pepper sausage, which is made using read red bell peppers and a selection of fine Italian spices. Forget finding by-products or fillers in the ingredients list – we’re proud of our product and use only the best to make it.

RJ Meats is a family-run business and has an invested interest in each customer’s satisfaction. Purchasing this product not only provides you with a high-quality meat – you also get the convenience of delivery straight to your door. What’s more, this red pepper sausage qualifies for free shipping! If you’re looking for where to buy summer sausage, look no further. Order yours with us today and give your taste buds a tantalizing treat. Shop now!

Price: $30.00